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From bible verses to odes to husband Justin Bieber
Though nowhere near as obvious as her husband Justin, Hailey Bieber has a very clear penchant for tattoos too.
Unlike her partner, whose body is covered in large tattoo designs in visible places like his neck, torso and legs, the model’s are more subtle and intricate. However, she closely follows behind her significant other when it comes to her increasing number of inkings, recently telling ELLE US that she has about ’20-something’ tattoos on her body.
Most of her tattoos have significant meanings to her, whether it’s words in Portuguese – a nod to her half Brazilian heritage – odes to her spouse or bible verses.
Back in 2018, when the runway star had just 19 tattoos to her name, she told The Cut that she tries to space out when she gets her body inked, stating: ‘It’s always been an idea of mine to get that [the ‘1996’ tattoo]. It’s just like when I decide when not to get it. I think now I’m going to chill out for a second on the tattoos because I’m running out of spots.’
Well, nearly three years on and the model’s love for tattoos doesn’t appear to be waning. And if we had to guess, we’d estimate we’ll see lots more of these beautiful, subtle designs in the future.
Here’s your complete guide to Hailey Bieber’s tattoo collection…
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To celebrate her husband’s new song ‘Peaches’, both stars got a shape of the fruit inked on their body. Designed by tattooist to the stars Dr Woo, the model had a peach inscribed on her inner elbow, according to her Instagram Stories – captured here by a fan account – while her beau had a larger peach inked on his neck.
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Back in 2015, Hailey Bieber had a gun tattooed on her middle finger which at the time she said she wasn’t sure why she got it. She recently reiterated this to ELLE US, telling the outlet: ‘I think at 18, I was like, “Yeah! That looks cool.” But now, as a 24-year-old, I would never do that. I think guns are violent.’
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In 2020, the star headed to her husband’s go-to tattoo artist Dr Woo for some further embellishments to her hand, in the form of symbols down the side of her little finger.
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On her wedding ring finger, the catwalk star has the initial ‘J’ in honour of her husband.
Bieber has further symbols inked down her fingers and hands.
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One of the first hand tattoos the supermodel got was a the letters ‘PR’ on her left index finger, and AY’ on her right meaning that when her hands came together in prayer it spelled out ‘PRAY’. According to tattooist Jon Boy, the design was courtesy of the celebrity’s friend Kendall Jenner.
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On Bieber’s wrist, another spherical symbol can be seen.
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While attending Coachella in 2017, Bieber stopped by her friend Jon Boy’s tattoo pop up to receive two chevrons inked on her little finger.
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The 24-year-old had her maiden name Baldwin inscribed on her middle finger at the same time as her cousin Ireland.
Bieber has roman numerals on her wrist which are reportedly in the form of a date: 10/06/1990 – the date her parents Stephen and Kennya married.
Bieber has two phrases inked on her back courtesy of her go-to artist Jon Boy Tattoo. First there is the French phrase, ‘coeur d’Alene’ which translates to ‘Alene’s heart’. Alene is reportedly her sister Alaia’s middle name.
The second tattoo is intricate writing down her spine, which has the word ‘Unseen’ inscribed, which is reportedly connected to a bible verse.
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On the star’s collar bone is a tiny heart, which she explained to The Cut shortly after she got the tattoo in April 2018 : ‘The heart was kind of aesthetic. I just think it looks cute. There’s no story behind it. I think the really little dainty tattoos are very, like, they’re very pretty on girls.
On the same Autumn 2020 date that Bieber honoured her husband Justin with a ‘J’ on her ring finger, she had the word ‘Beleza’ which translates as ‘beauty’ in Portuguese inked on her neck.
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The blonde model has ‘lover’ written on her neck and above that is a crucifix style cross in honour of her Christian faith.
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In 2015, Bieber had the initial ‘G’ inked on her neck in honour of her pastor Chad Veach’s daughter Georgia, who has a rare brain condition called lissencephaly. She was one of several celebrities who got the tattoo along with husband (before they were married) and Ashley Benson, People reports.
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On the back of her neck, Bieber – who has spoken publicly about her devout Christian beliefs – has the word ‘Seek’ written, which she explained on Instagram is related to a bible verse.
The LA-based star has a tiny diamond inked just behind her right ear
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In 2018, Bieber got ‘1996’ inked on her right hip, which was the year she was born.
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On Bieber’s hip, she has the word ‘Gente’ inked which in Spanish and Portuguese translates to ‘People’. The star can speak a little Portuguese given that her mother is from Brazil.
On the back of her right ankle she has a small heart, similar to the one on her collar bone, inked.
Bieber has another phrase inscribed on her left lower leg, just above her ankle which reads ‘Minas Gerais’, which is a region in Brazil. She is half Brazilian, given it’s where her mother Kennya hails from.


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