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Ever since I was young, I’ve had thick and frizzy hair. In middle school, I would always wear it up in a ponytail because of how frizzy it would be to wear down unless I heat styled it. However, when I got to highschool, I realized that having my hair up all the time isn’t good for me and neither is using heat on it. This led me on my search for hair products that I could easily incorporate in a routine to help tame the frizz and make my hair silky. Through various methods of trial and error, I found hair products that work very well for my hair. 
The products: 
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This product is something I’ve used for the past many years. I love it! The consistency is thick and gel-like. I really like that it’s thick because my hair gets super frizzy, so I feel that the consistency of the serum helps smooth the texture and tame flyaways. My hair always feels very soft and shiny when I use this. I usually put some in my hair after I wash it, and sometimes if it feels a bit dry, I add it to my dry hair in between washes. The scent isn’t too strong which I also like. One thing I will mention is that I think that this may feel too thick and greasy for someone who has thinner hair. A little bit goes a long way! 
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I very recently incorporated this hair oil in my routine, and it’s honestly worth the hype. I mostly used it in the form of a heat protectant, but lately I’ve been spraying some in my hair after I wash it and I’ve noticed that my hair is less frizzy, especially in the humidity. It’s also supposed to help protect your hair from UV rays, which I’m not exactly sure how to determine if it does the job well, but my hair does feel very soft when I use it.
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I got this product in an IPSY subscription bag and I absolutely love it. I’m almost out of the sample travel size bottle and I have yet to actually buy it. Out of the products I use, this leave-in conditioner has the most noticeable effect on my hair. I used to only use it sometimes, but when I started using it after washing my hair each time, I realized that the texture of my hair became much better. Bleaching my hair made it a bit dry, so I feel like this product really helps bring back some of the smoothness and softness my hair had before dying it. This is a great product and I will buy it again very soon!
I love trying new hair products, and for someone like me who has frizzy hair, it’s so important to find a product that suits my hair. Otherwise, it’s too poofy to wear down. For now, these products are my favorite, but I’m yet to try many others that are on my list.
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