Brazilian cosmetics firm Grupo Boticário acquires e-commerce platform Beleza na Web as part of its strategy to strengthen its online presence.
WHO: Beleza na Web was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Alexandre Serodio. Its portfolio comprises more than 17,000 items, with the right to sell more than 360 brands, both national and international, making it a leader in beauty online in the Brazilian market.
Grupo Boticário owns The Beauty Box chain of 40 brick-and-mortar stores across Brazil and brands O Boticário, Eudora, quem disse, berenice?, Multi B, and Vult. Beyond Brazil, the Boticário Group is present in another 15 countries including the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica, Portugal, and Japan. It also has two factories in Brazil—São José dos Pinhais (Paraná) and Camaçari (Bahia).
WHY: This acquisition strengthens Boticário Group’s online position as competition intensifies with Natura for leadership in the Brazilian market. Rival Natura SA agreed in May to merge with Avon Products Inc. to create the world’s fourth-largest beauty company.
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “With Beleza na Web we seek to strengthen our position in the multibrand market and our multichannel approach, integrating one of the main multibrand platforms in Brazil into the group,” Grupo Boticário’s Vice President of New Channels, Isabella Wanderley, said in a statement.
“The two companies are keeping an eye out for the new consumer and have innovation and the constant search for challenges in their DNA. It is a company that always inspired me and was created for entrepreneurs that believe in the creation of relations and opportunities afforded by beauty. Together, we are going to offer more experiences for our consumers wherever they may be,” said Alexandre Serodio, founder of Beleza na Web.
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