Watch: Man’s wholesome reaction while recording his daughter’s video is truly heartfelt – The Indian Express

When one asks one’s parents to record a video of oneself, and that too for social media, the response is often far from generous. However, for an Instagram entrepreneur, this is not the case.
A girl who runs The Beleza, a jewellery business, recorded a wholesome reaction from her father as he was trying to record her video while she pretended to make a video for her business. The reaction was candidly recorded as she had positioned the phone camera in such a way that he was obliviously recording himself. The result was not a scowl but a proud smile that is now melting hearts around the world.
She shared this video on Instagram, and wrote, “His reaction The way he is looking at me speaking about the earrings When me and my siblings were young, he always told us to speak in English. He respected and knew the importance of the English Language. And today, I feel proud the way he is looking at me with so much of pride and love. He is the BESSTT DAD anyone can ask for. Blessed #daddaughter #unconditionallove #loveiseverywhere #trend #viral #earrings #prouddad #prouddaughter #bestdad #blessedwiththebest”.
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Her video has already gathered over 6,000 likes since it was posted on December 10. Commenting on it, an Instagram user wrote, “This is the cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet today. Ma sha Allah ”. Another person said, “He is so proud of you ”.
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