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Tuesday, 31 January 2023 | 7.9°C Dublin

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Leah O'Connor with Katie Prunty and Leah Nolan.
Chloe Kehoe and Aoibhín Roche.
Abbie Doyle, Katie Doyle and Aoibhinn Ryan.
Katie Collins, Laoise Walsh and Jagoda Harszczyk.
Eilish Ryan, Gracie Kehoe and Karen Hayden.
Katie Murphy, Amy Fortune and Mia Whelan.
Jessica Sinnott with Chloe O'Connor and Sarah Roche.
Anna McConville.
Jasmin Breslin and Grace Miller.
Megan O'Hanlon with Anna McConville and Saoirse Bolger.
Grace Donohoe, Amelia Furlong and Sophie Cummins at the Transition Year Fashion Show & YSI Display 2023 in Coláiste Bríde, Enniscorthy.
Ella O'Rourke with Sadbh Creane and Taylor Gibbons.
Faith Mernagh, Ciara Kehoe and Naoise Roche.
Karen Hayden.
Amy Fortune.
Sadbh Creane.
Brendan Keane
January 31 2023 06:00 AM
THERE was great excitement in Coláiste Bríde recently when the school held two showcase events to highlight its entries into this year’s Junk Kouture competition.
There are 121 Transition Year students in the school and the majority of them were involved in the Junk Kouture programme, with a small number of students opting instead to participate in the YSI (Young Social Innovators) module.
The school held a fashion show at 2 p.m. for the student body in the school and that evening around 500 parent and grandparents gathered in the school to view the dresses. It was the first time since lockdown that the school was able to hold the evening event and that added to the excitement for everyone involved. A spokesperson said the turnout for the evening show was fantastic and she complimented the students involved in designing and creating the various outfits. The reception they received highlighted the appreciation of the those in attendance for the students and the work they put into their stunning pieces.
Prizes were awarded on the day and all 28 dresses created have been entered into this year’s Junk Kouture. It's hoped some of them will make it through to the regional final which will take place in Dublin on March 9.
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The winning dresses on the night included: Glamactive – Gracie Kehoe, Ann Dolan and Madelene Kirwan; Ím-mortal – Karen Hayden, Grace O’Shea and Ruth Doyle; Conker Couture – Katie Murphy, Suzanne Crepak, Iria Alvarez de Eulate Brizuela; Cerulean Angel – Sadbh Crean, Eva Mizane, Niamh Fenlon; Rising from the Ashes – Katie Doyle, Abbie Doyle and Aoibhlinn Ryan; Tropical Blues – Mia Whelan, Teresa Hetmanska-Kelly and Katelyn Larkin; Peace by Peace – Leah Connor, Adrianna Golub, Anna Buckley; Carnaval Beleza – Amy Fortune, Caoimhe O’Leary, Leack Reck. Eilish Ryan also won a performance award, modelling the piece Eclipse which was created by Eilish, Lucy Lawless and Lara Condessa.

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